Rod Muller - Personal Trainer, Zach's Club, Lubbock, Texas

Hello and Welcome!

My name is Rod Muller.  I am an AFPA certified personal trainer affiliated with Zach’s Club in Lubbock, Texas.  I specialize in creating effective workout programs for all ages and fitness levels that are designed to meet your specific goals. Together we will set realistic goals, track your progress and I will encourage and inspire you to realize your fitness potential.

I conduct training sessions at  Zach’s Club at either of their convenient locations at 4229 78th Street or on Kewanee Street off Milwaukee and 71st.

All  training packages include a complimentary fitness assessment and nutrition analysis with periodic re-evaluations.

I am here to make your workout challenging yet not so intimidating that you are discouraged. Workout sessions should be fun, stimulating and rewarding. Constant communication between client and trainer will ensure that I am both meeting your goals and retaining your interest and motivation.

Contact me at: rodmuller49@yahoo.com
Telephone: 806-773-6544