My Training Philosophy


“Those who think they have no time for exercise will, sooner or later, have to find time for illness”

 When you sign up to train with me you will receive personal focused instruction from a trainer who has both the experience and the knowledge to meet your goals, make training a fun and relaxed experience and permanently change your lifestyle to one of fitness and health. I follow a regular exercise and nutrition routine that allows me, at the age of 64, to be free of any illness or disability, to be fit and healthy and maintain a defined body. Regardless of your age or gender you can achieve your fitness goals with dedication, hard work and perseverance.

The principals of a successful training program are:

“Fit for health, fit for life”


My special interest is in working with the over 50-age group. Weight gain, lack of mobility and disease are NOT natural consequences of aging!  Many of the symptoms of old age are really the symptoms of inactivity!  It is possible to slow, or even reverse, many of the so-called symptoms of aging by increasing strength, flexibility and cardiovascular efficiency.

“Use it or Lose it!”