Fitness Training – The Process

This is my standard method of implementing and running a fitness training program.


We will probably have made initial contact by phone or e-mail.  Our first meeting is at no charge to you and is intended to review your current health and fitness status, get to know each other, clearly define your goals, and agree on a training program. I will require you to complete a brief questionnaire and a Consent Form and Liability Waiver. At this meeting I encourage you to ask as many questions as you need to satisfy yourself as to my credentials and training method. We will then schedule our first and subsequent training sessions.


This workout is the beginning of an on going process where client and trainer work as a team to define your goals, interests and desires. Over time, we will enhance, modify and improve your program plan to achieve the results that you are looking for.

This is not a boot camp! I want to make your workout challenging yet not so intimidating that you are discouraged or, even worse, injured. That is why the initial assessment is so important. Through that I will understand your starting point and your comfort level. If you are new to the gym environment I will cover the basic principles and get you familiar with the equipment. If you are more experienced I will reinforce basic principles and ensure the correct application of the routines.


As we progress through the program, you will notice a gradually increasing intensity of each work out. While I certainly expect you to feel that you have worked out, I obviously do not want you to experience extreme discomfort or injury.  There is a distinct difference between muscle ache and muscle pain. And as I cannot know what you are feeling it is critical that you give me feed back throughout the session as to your level of exertion or discomfort. Each session will always include:

  • A short warm up
  • Dynamic stretching
  • The work out program for that session
  • A cool down
  • A short review


Your body adjusts surprisingly quickly to any workout routine. For that reason it is vitally important that the routine is regularly changed so that your body does not become used to the same workout pattern.  While I do not subscribe to the “no pain, no gain” philosophy, there must be some muscle reaction so that we know we are at the correct levels of resistance.


Above all else workout sessions must be fun, stimulating and rewarding. Constant communication between client and trainer will ensure that I am both meeting your goals and retaining your interest and motivation. I emphasize again the concept of client and trainer as a team.  A committed trainer will progress your program constantly toward your stated goals. A committed client will put in a consistent effort to working with that program to achieve those goals.